6-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $146k For Animals Affected By Australian Fires With His Tiny Clay Koalas

Owen Colley might be a little boy, but he sure has a big heart!

This 6-year-old from Massachusetts was very upset to hear about the Australian fires and wanted to do something to help the affected and injured animals.

Owen is pretty creative and talented, so he whipped up some completely adorable clay koalas, and asked his mom to help him set up a GoFundMe account.

If someone decided to donate more than $50 to the GoFundMe account, which directly benefits Wildlife Rescue South Coast Incorporated, Owen would make them one of his little koalas.

Well, Owen and his parents had no idea that his kind efforts would go so viral!

GoFundMe; Owen is pictured above with the adorable little clay koalas that he makes himself

As of right now when I’m publishing this article, Owen has raised $146,644!

Owen’s parents recently said on GoFundMe, “We never considered such a generous response to Owen’s initiative.”

“We set out to make 200 clay koalas and raise $5,000 and are now looking at making thousands of koalas and current donations are in excess of $120k.”

“We are blown away. We thank you for your patience as we finalize the logistics surrounding supplies, shipping, and production.”

“As you can imagine, we have been busy recruiting family and friends for koala-making parties.”

GoFundMe; Owen wrote a thank you note to everyone that donated, pictured above

“We love all of the offers of support flooding in, but unfortunately do not have the bandwidth to reply to everyone at this time.”

“Sculpey reached out today and is shipping silver, pearl, and black Sculpey III oven-bake clay (this is what you want for little hands!!).”

“We’ll be making a video, so those who want to make clay koalas will know all of Owen’s tips and tricks!! Thank you thank you thank you – we think you are all just wonderful!”

You can check out Owen’s GoFundMe page here!

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