After An Icy Accident, This Teen Did Something Incredibly Thoughtful That’s Warming Hearts All Over The Internet

Teens aren’t all terrible! This teen did something incredibly thoughtful after an icy accident, and now he’s warming hearts all over the internet.

Owen Sullivan is a teen living in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was recently driving his truck out in the snow and ice, and all of a sudden he had an accident.

He slid in the terrible conditions and mowed down a mom’s mailbox.

Crystal Collins is the mom whose mailbox this teen took out, and she took to Facebook to share this in a post:

“Does anybody know this kid? I believe he is 16yo, possibly drives a truck, might live in or around The Ridge neighborhood…”

Facebook; Crystal’s security camera captured the above photo of Owen

Crystal’s security camera caught footage of him walking up to her front door after the accident, and he offered to pay her everything he had on him to take care of the mailbox mishap.

“He accidentally hit my mailbox and came to the door and owned up to it. He offered me every dollar in his pocket and was extremely grateful when I told him to keep his money.”

Crystal quite kindly refused to take his money, shocked that he was standing on her front porch apologizing to her and owning up to the situation.

Things didn’t end there though…Owen came back a few days later.

Facebook; Owen is seen on Crystal’s security camera in the photo above

“Then 3 days later came back with a plate of cookies and apologized again,” Crystal went on to say about what Owen did after the fact.

“I’m looking for his parents – they should know what an outstanding young man they have raised!”

Crystal’s post quickly went viral on Facebook, and it didn’t take long for her to connect with Owen’s family so she could let them know how wonderful their son really is.

Only hours after Crystal created her post, Owen’s mom saw it.

“I honestly got teary-eyed, because it was so, it’s just nice to know your kids do good things when you’re not around,” Jamy Sullivan, Owen’s mom, told KOLN-TV.

There really are good people in this world!

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