After Her Aunt Went Rogue At A Wedding, She Dumped Wine On Her And Now Wants The Internet To Tell Her If She Did The Right Thing

Yes, weddings are supposed to be some of the happiest days of our lives, but let me tell you there is more often than not some crazy family member who sets out to ruin things for everyone.

One Reddit user had an aunt go pretty much rogue at a wedding, so she dumped wine on her. Now, she wants the internet to tell her if she did the right thing.

“I have an EXTREMELY dramatic, selfish, and b*tchy family. Imagine 20 Karen’s each with handfuls of expired coupons all complaining to the same manager who is too nice to tell them to f*** off,” she started out by saying.

“That’s my mother with her 10 siblings and their 10 spouses. Oh, and did I mention they are all strict Catholics?”

“I generally have nothing to do with the lot of them but for my cousin who is an absolute gem I would happily wage war against the Karen’s single-handedly.”

“One of my Aunts who starts 90% of the bullsh*t showed up to the wedding nice and early wearing off white.”

“I was the maid of honor and asked my cousin if I needed to give her the boot but she said it was off white enough to let it slide.”

“She did beg me to do everything I could to prevent any outbursts or drama though so I was on high alert.”

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