After Her Aunt Went Rogue At A Wedding, She Dumped Wine On Her And Now Wants The Internet To Tell Her If She Did The Right Thing

“At the reception, I literally just followed my Aunt around putting out fires. I talked to her multiple times asking her to stop starting sh*t (in nicer words) but she kept deflecting and laughing it off.”

“It came to a head though when she managed to get to my cousin’s best friend who was there with his boyfriend.”

“She told him she feels sorry that he must hate himself so much to sin so blatantly.”

“She said that she hopes by being friends with my cousin maybe he will be saved before it’s too late because of course there is nothing but fire waiting for him otherwise.”

“Before he could respond (he has a short fuse when it comes to this kind of bullsh*t and I can’t really blame him) I just straight up dumped my glass of red wine down my Aunt’s dress.”

“I didn’t even pretend to trip. Then I said oh gosh I’m sorry let’s get you cleaned up and took her into the back and cussed her out.”

“My cousin already talked to her about her friend being gay so she knew what she said was wrong and unacceptable. She did finally leave the wedding after all this.”

“I thought I was justified but way more of my friends than I expected are saying the wine and ruining her dress was too much and I should have just escorted her out.”

“I did pay for her dress. The next day before she even asked for it.”

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