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The Internet Is Saying This Hack Will Help Reduce An Emergency Room Bill If You Have One

I have to say that one of the things that makes me the saddest about America is how astronomically expensive medical bills can be, especially if you get yourself into an emergency.

Even if you have the best health insurance available, you can still be left footing a bill for thousands upon thousands of dollars after a visit to the emergency room.

A report from a non-profit called Health Care Cost Institute states that back in 2017, the average visit to an ER cost $1,389.

This means the average price has skyrocketed 176% in just a little over a decade. 

One woman recently took to social media to share this hack, and the internet is saying it works in helping to reduce an emergency room bill if you have one.

The woman, who goes by shaunnaburns3 on TikTok, shared a video in which she described the simple hack…

TikTok; user shaunnaburns3 shares her tip in the above video

…Ask the hospital to give you an itemized bill for an ER visit.

Quite a number of people have recently hopped on Twitter to say they tried this, and it actually worked for them.

“That’s because the itemized list be looking like: Gauze: $65 Sutures: $95 Bed usage: $250 Breathing air: $500 Tissues your mom used crying in the waiting room: $35,” Jewel Celeste said.

“I went to the ER back in October because I injured my ankle, all they did was one x-ray and give me pain meds, they charged me $700. I called and said this and it brought the charge down to $215, I guess it works,” Tyler tweeted.

“Yup! Did this for two different surgeries. Suddenly my balance was magically paid in full both times,” Bren confirmed.

“I often get patients with a past due balance and it’s not until I print the itemized invoice that we learn something was billed incorrectly so yea. Do that,” Reina said.

Several users had some more useful information to help with lower or paying ER bills:

Gaia Morrison added another way to bring down a bill by saying, “You can also ask to apply for charity. Charity department does ask questions about your income situation, and people do lie about their income situation. 7 out of 10 you get approved and your account is adjusted to zero balance.”

“Also request your explanation of benefits from your insurance provider, then compare it to your bill. if there are any discrepancies, you can call and have it adjusted,” Carmina posted.

If you have tried this hack to reduce an ER bill, let me know in the comments below!

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