How This Mom Reacted To Her Daughter Putting Quite A Hole In Their Wall Has The Internet Talking About Proper Punishment For Kids

Rosie Lamphere is a mom of three young girls living in Raleigh, North Carolina and the co-owner of Play at Home Mom, LLC.

One day, Rosie’s three daughters were messing around with each other, and one of the girls accidentally went right through the drywall.

She left quite a hole in the wall, and Rosie is now going viral for how she reacted to that situation.

Instagram; Rosie is pictured above with one of her daughters

“My nine-year-old came downstairs crying and frantic saying she had to show me something. I walked upstairs to the damaged wall. The remorse was already displayed all over her body,” Rosie shared in a Facebook post.

“She didn’t need me to make her feel guilty. She didn’t need me to shame her. She didn’t need me to make an already crappy situation worse,” Rosie explained.

Facebook; pictured above is the hole Rosie’s daughter made

Her daughter told her that she was sorry. She was concerned about how upset her dad was going to be and didn’t feel like quite telling him at that time.

Rosie replied that she knew she would tell her dad when she was ready.

“She knew. She knew that he was the one most impacted by this. He would be the one taking time from his day to fix this. I walked downstairs and told my husband,” Rosie continued.

And Rosie told him, “The kids put a hole in the wall. A big one. M is really upset about it. She’s working up the courage to come and tell you about it. We have two choices here.

1. Scream and yell and make her feel more awful than she already does.
2. Accept that little girl for each bit of awesome that she is… even in her mistakes. To realize that it was SO hard for her to come down and tell you how she made a mistake.

Our response will 100% determine how she comes to us with mistakes in the future. How do you respond?”

Rosie ended her post in saying, “Today, my daughter walks around with a little more trust. She walks around feeling loved and connected. She walks around knowing that she can tell her parents anything and that she is safe.”

“This was the best gift I could ever receive this Christmas.”

“And yes. She still feels sorry. She offered to not receive any Christmas presents this year, all her savings, and her time to help fix it. She didn’t need screaming parents to make her feel this. She did it all on her own.”

Rosie’s daughter put the money she was saving up for a puppy in an envelope, along with an apology note to her dad.

Facebook; pictured above is the money and apology note from Rosie’s daughter

“Whenever mistakes happen, “fixing it” naturally falls into the process. Our daughter WANTS to help fix the hole with her Daddy. If by some chance she didn’t, she wouldn’t be forced, but the WHY behind that would be discussed,” Rosie said along with the photo of the apology note and money.

You can see Rosie’s post here. What do you think? How would you have handled something like this?

Let me know in the comments below!

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