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Meet The Adopted, Cross-Eyed Kitty Who Is Stealing Hearts All Over The Internet

Belarus is one handsome grey kitty living in San Francisco, California.

He landed in San Francisco Animal Care & Control when he was less than a year old after his family’s landlord said they could not have him.

Although his original family was sad to give him up, he Belarus lucked out and found a happy ending.

“Love isn’t blind, it’s cross-eyed!” San Francisco Animal Care & Control cleverly wrote on his adoption ad that went viral.

Instagram; Belarus is pictured above looking very adorable in a little tie that’s just his size

It wasn’t long before his new mom came along, and her name is Rachel.

Rachel adopted Belarus on June 11th, 2018, after pretty much falling in love with him at first sight.

Not only does Belarus have dashing good looks, but he also is a very friendly guy.

He loves to be loved on, he loves treats, he loves playtime, and he loves to be pet.

Instagram; Rachel captioned the above photo with, “Me last night when I realized it was time to go to bed but I had 2 good hours of crazy-time in me and wasn’t sure how to take it.”

Belarus has a condition called strabismus (most people commonly call this cross-eyes) and it doesn’t cause him any pain or affect his health in a negative way, but I think it makes him rather uniquely adorable!

Instagram; Rachel said along with the photo above, “To all of you unhappy about the prospect of returning to the office today… just picture my head on your lap as you work. I promise it makes the day go better.”

It really just adds to his character.

Belarus has truly become one of Rachel’s best friends, and as you can see on his social media accounts, he loves to be involved in the day to day life of his mom.

You can follow Belarus and his adventures on Instagram here!

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