Mom’s Disturbing Internet History Revealed After She Stabbed Her Toddler 30 Times

29-year old Nicole Terri Lester is a mom of two young children from West Valley City, Utah.

She was living in her grandmother’s home with her 4-year-old daughter named Laney Vos and her 6-year-old son, whom police have not named.

Seemingly without warning, this mom attacked her own child. Her internet history paints a very different story…one that shows this was completely planned out.

Salt Lake County Jail; pictured above is 29-year-old mom Nicole Lester in her mugshot

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Court documents reveal that this mom has one disturbing internet history. The documents state that Nicole spent at least a month searching for how to kill a person on her phone.

She looked up things like “Where is the best place to hit a person with an ax?” and How do you break a neck?”

From there, Nicole’s history evolved into something far more specific. She then began to search murders of different children online and illustrations of chests.

It was December 31st, 2019, that she brought her online history into real life.

Nicole stabbed her toddler daughter Laney approximately 30 times in their basement while her son slept upstairs.

The stab wounds were located mainly around her heart, but she also had cuts to her wrist, shoulder, spine, and lungs.

Dignitymemorial.com; pictured above is 4-year-old Laney in her obituary photo

She then walked out of her home and to her neighbor’s, calming explaining what she just did. Her neighbor immediately called 911 and passed the phone off to Nicole.

“I just killed my daughter,” KUTV reports that Nicole told the 911 operator.

“She had blood all down the front of her,” Nicole’s neighbor mentioned on the phone. “That little girl is so small, oh Lord, please send an ambulance quick. Please send an ambulance quick.”

According to the medical examiner, it looks like Laney fought back against her mom’s brutal attack.

Laney has been arrested by the Salt Lake City Police Department for aggravated murder and she is behind bars without bail.

Nicole has previously been charged on several different occasions for domestic violence, although 2 out of the 3 were eventually dismissed. She did plead guilty to

As for Nicole’s 6-year-old son? Her grandmother currently has custody over him, and she was not at home when Nicole attacked Laney.