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This Service Dog’s Reaction To Meeting Her Favorite Character At Disney Is Just Too Cute

Ezra is one good girl!

She is a Golden Retriever and service dog who enjoys going on adventures with her owner.

In one of her most recent trips, she got to go to Disney, and her reaction below to meeting her favorite character is just too cute for words.

Ezra’s owner shared this about their trip on Instagram, “Having a disability means you cannot function efficiently in the way that most people can, so much so that it hinders your ability to live a “normal” life.”

“For example, I have a spine injury, and several other health problems that present themselves in symptoms, but doctors have yet to figure out what to call it. Regardless of what you label it, standing for more than a few minutes is exhausting for me, my whole body feels as though I’m spraining joints and pulling muscles even after the lightest of activities.”

“I often feel like I’m being electrocuted and my nerves are hyperactive so I feel everything and everything hurts. Although I know Disney and Universal are tiring for anyone, it’s really a painful and physically demanding experience for me.”

Instagram; pictured above Ezra has fun at Disney

“Especially because Ezra isn’t old enough to do true mobility work, so she is mainly here for training and non-mobility tasks. She is doing amazing and is helping me a lot other than mobility.”

“But all the pictures you see are the highlights. You won’t see pictures of the tears, the limping, the nearly falling over from exhaustion. Obviously I signed up for this, so I’m not complaining. But many times you see the highlights because a lot of disabled people want to experience life and have fun.”

“We’re just acknowledging the good stuff even if there’s some negative side effects. By being able to compartmentalize my disability separately from how I mentally like something, I can say Ez and I are having an amazing time so far!”

“We can’t wait to share the rest of our trip! This has been a dream and I’m so glad we have the opportunity to live it!”

The best part of their trip is by far the adorable reaction Ezra has when she gets to meet Stitch!

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UPDATE: Ezra is 100% under control here. She stood calmly waiting to meet stitch until she was give a “free” command to greet. She interacts with the character, remains aware of my needs, and returns immediately back to work when I need or ask. This interaction was both a mental decompression for her after a long day at Disney, and a confidence boosting exercise. She behaved exactly as I hoped she would and expected her to. This is not how service dogs should behave or greet on a normal occasion, but it is acceptable in this case. Some people have different standards, and that is totally okay. This is how our team works, and we are well within our laws. Thank you ??. . I think Ezra found her favourite character! Our uncle was Pleakley in the movie, so the love must run in the family! I’m so proud of her though, she kept all four paws on the ground the whole time and regained her focus right after!

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She wags her tail, she wiggles around, and she even gives Stitch some kisses!

Her owner shared how proud she was of how she handled her meet and greet:

“I’m so proud of her though, she kept all four paws on the ground the whole time and regained her focus right after!” Such a good girl!”

Her pure excitement is the dose of happiness we all needed to see on the internet today.

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