The Family Of Shanann Watts Is Very Upset Over The Lifetime Movie About Her Murder And That Of Her 2 Daughters

We’re now days away from the release of the new Lifetime movie called “Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer.” It debuts on January 25th, which comes just a few weeks after what should have been Shanann’s 36th birthday.

While some people are excited to see it, those close to the victims are not.

The parents of Shanann Watts are very upset over the Lifetime movie about her murder and that of her two young daughters Bella and Celeste.

Attorneys that represent Shanann’s parents spoke for them at a press conference and this is what they had to say, below.

Instagram; Chris, Shanann, Bella, and Celeste are all pictured above together on the front steps of their home they shared

“We did not discover it was being made until everybody else did on Aug. 21,” attorney Steven Lambert started out by saying.

“The family had to find out after the fact that the production had gone through without any sort of input.”

“When you involve victims and the people who knew victims best, it makes it a lot easier to make a portrayal of somebody,” Steven went on to say.

“When something like this comes up and the power is completely taken away, it does hurt them and it does to a certain extent make them angry.”

“It’s been hard for them because they’ve been seeing those depictions, those advertisements, during the holiday season,” Steven continued.

“And they want people to know that at least from the trailers they’ve seen, it’s not an accurate portrayal of their daughter, of their grandchildren, or even of Chris Watts himself.”

As of right now, Shanann’s parents are not sure they will ever choose to watch the movie made about their real-life nightmare at all.

Lifetime has yet to reply to any of this, and the same thing goes for A&E, the parent company of the network.

What do you think? Are you going to be tuning in to “Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer?”