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The Internet Is Applauding This Guy For How He Got Revenge On A Girl Only Dating Him For Money

Dating is hard enough without learning that someone is just using you for something.

Reddit user redberryberry recently went online to share his story, and at first, he thought the girl he had been seeing really liked him.

It turns out, she just wanted him for his money.

When things go south in the honeymoon phase, I always tell my friends it’s better you find out in the beginning so you can waste less of your time in the end.

Instead of just leaving things behind him and walking away, this guy decided to get revenge on her.

In his post that has since gotten 16,700 upvotes, he shares the following story:

“I’ve really liked this girl for a while that I met at a lifeguard certification course, and I talked to her while I was there and we (I thought) ended up hitting it off.”

“We exchanged numbers and social media and all that and we messaged for a few weeks before I asked her out to a movie, which she accepted.”

“We’d been going on casual dates, nothing too serious and we weren’t hanging out at my place or her place even though I’d hinted at the idea, for a few weeks before one of her friends (someone that was also at the lifeguarding course that I met and kept in contact with because he was cool) sends me this screenshot.”

He said he felt bad for me because I was nice and that she does this often to other dudes!

“After seeing this, I asked her to go on a nice date with me to a hibachi grill restaurant. $20-$40 dollar plates and premium desserts are served here.”

“I got the most expensive thing they had and so did she. We both got fancy ice cream and multiple refills on drinks. I complimented her a lot and smiled consistently, before getting up to go to the bathroom and leaving. (I was also her ride)”

“About 45 minutes after I get furious texts from her saying that she had to have her mom come down and pay for it because she didn’t have the money on her and that we were done.”

“I know it’s not a lot and it sucks because I thought she was actually into me but it felt pretty nice leaving her that way.”

What do you think of this revenge? Let me know in the comments below!

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