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These NASA Images Show Just How Bad The Australian Fires Really Are

We’ve been hearing in the media for months now that Australia is being ravaged by bushfires, but it’s pretty hard to comprehend just how much of the country is really at risk.

Australia is the sixth biggest country, and it’s really not that much smaller than the United States.

Australia is made up of 7,741,220 square kilometers, while the US is made up of 9,833,517.

So how much of Australia is burning? 15 million acres have been devastated so far, and 24 lives have been lost.

Anthony Hearsey is a photographer who made a compilation of NASA images to demonstrate just how bad the Australian fires really are.

The 3D visualization Anthony made uses NASA’s FIRM maps (Fire Information for Resource Management System) to make it clear what parts of Australia have been affected by the fires as of January 5th, 2020.

Imgur; pictured above is Anthony’s map of Australia and the bushfires

“Scale is a little exaggerated due to the render’s glow, but generally true to the info from the NASA website. Also note that NOT all the areas are still burning, and this is a compilation,” Anthony shared on the Imgur post.

Anthony’s image definitely helps to put this all in perspective. Sadly, the bushfires are far from stopping, even though thousands of Australian firefighters have been working non-stop for months to combat the blazes.

The United States, New Zealand, and Canada have even sent more firefighters to Australia to assist.

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