This Amazing 75-Year-Old Mom Has Dedicated Her Life To Fostering Over 600 Children, Most Of Them With Special Needs

75-year-old Linda Herring is not your average mom and her heartwarming story is taking the internet by storm!

This amazing woman lives in Johnson County, Iowa, and she has fostered over 600 children in the past 50 years.

On the Twitter account for Johnson County, they shared a post celebrating Linda and everything she has done for the children in her care over the years.

Twitter; Linda wears a purple sweater to the right of the photo, above

“The Board of Supervisors, Department of Human Services and a standing room only crowd recognized Linda Faye Herring last night for nearly five decades of serving as a foster parent to more than 600 children in #JohnsonCountyIA,” their Twitter post read.

They even issued Linda a Resolution of Appreciation, and it stated that “The Department of Human Services could call Linda in the middle of the night to take a child, and she would meet anywhere to get a child.”

Twitter; pictured above is the Resolution of Appreciation Linda received

Also according to the resolution, beginning back in the 1970s, Linda mostly took in children that had “special medical needs.”

Linda has said, “If no one else can love them or take care of them, I will.”

Linda made sure to keep neatly organized bins full of clothing for all ages in her garage, never knowing what child she might take in next.

These bins she kept were “stacked to the ceiling, labeled by size and gender.”

Tonya Stratton was there at the ceremony to celebrate Linda, and her own mom was one of Linda’s foster children.

Tonya shared on Facebook, “This evening I got to take part in recognizing a woman who along with her husband Bob cared for well over 500 hundred plus children in the Johnson County Foster Care program.”

“One of those children was my Mother. Most foster kids grow up, move away and might never be heard of again.”

“My mother, however, was not one of those children. She forever became part of the Herring Family As did my father …”

Facebook; Linda is pictured above in the purple sweater, along with Tonya and her parents

Linda told CNN, “I cried when the kids would leave my home, no matter how long they had been there. It was so hard for me to say goodbye to them.”

“I always questioned, ‘Why do I keep doing this?’ because it was never easy to say goodbye to a child.”

“But I kept doing it because I had so much love to give to these children in need.”

Linda is one woman with a heart of gold!

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