Check Out This Brilliant Disney Inspired Proposal That’s Now Going Viral

Lee Loechler is a filmmaker from Boston who came up with a creative Disney inspired proposal that’s taking the internet by storm.

Lee’s girlfriend and high school sweetheart Sthuthi David absolutely loves Sleeping Beauty, so he knew when he asked for her hand in marriage that her favorite Disney flick had to be a part of it.

Luckily, Lee found one talented animator named Kayla Coombs who helped bring his vision to life.

Lee took Sthuthi to see Sleeping Beauty in a movie theatre, but this was not the original version of the film at all…Kayla had created a Disney version of Lee and Sthuthi!

When the movie got to the part where Prince Phillip kisses Aurora, all of a sudden the characters turned into Lee and Sthuthi as Disney characters.

Instagram; pictured above Sthuthi starts wondering what is going on with the movie

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