This Sorority Girl Was Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing Her Newborn And Now She’s Saying Her Sentence Is Too Extreme

Back in 2015, Emile Weaver was 21-years-old and attending a private liberal arts college called Muskingum University in Ohio.

She was part of the Delta Gamma Theta sorority and lived in the sorority house.

When Emile got pregnant and tossed her infant daughter out with the trash, she literally threw the rest of her life away along with her baby.

Twitter; pictured above Emile smiles

Emile’s roommates and sorority sisters had been speculating for months about if she was pregnant or not.

That’s not the only thing that concerned the girls about Emile though; she drank a lot, did drugs, and frequently fell down the house stairs.

Emile knew she was pregnant and tried her best to hide it from her sorority sisters by wearing baggy clothes and flat out denying it when asked.

On April 22nd, 2015, Emile could no longer hide her secret from her sorority sisters.

Twitter; Emile is pictured above with a baby (not her own)

It was that evening that Emile gave birth to her daughter in the bathroom of the sorority house.

Her daughter Addison Grace weighed 6-pounds, 10-ounces, and Emile cut off her umbilical cord with a kitchen knife.

She then put Addison in a garbage bag, tied it up, and then put her outside in the trash bin.

The sorority house manager quickly realized the bathroom was covered in blood and texted the other girls saying that it looked like a “murder scene” and whoever made the mess needed to clean it up.

The house manager had no idea that what she happened upon pretty much was a murder scene…

And then Emile’s sorority sisters discovered her baby thrown out in the trash, sitting alongside a bag of chips and a box of mac and cheese.

Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office; Emile is pictured above in her mugshot

According to the autopsy reports, Emile’s baby died due to asphyxiation. She suffocated on the plastic bag Emile threw her out in.

Just a few months later in 2016, a jury found Emile guilty of tampering with evidence, abuse of a corpse, and aggravated murder.

First, she had tried to plead not guilty by reason of insanity, but Judge Mark Fleegle decided she was indeed competent.

“I didn’t think…I didn’t think about the pregnancy. I denied it,” Emile told the court when the prosecutor asked her what she was going to do when she gave birth to her baby.

Judge Mark Fleegle said to Emile that she showed no remorse for her terrible actions, and so he sentenced her to life in prison. No option for parole.

He talked about the text messages Emile had sent to the guy she thought was the baby daddy at the time. “No more baby,” she had texted him, along with “taken care of.”

The judge also told her, “It was an inconvenience, and you took care of it.”

Elle.com reports, “Emile believes she should be punished but considers her sentence extreme.” 

She also told Elle that she was upset by how brutal her sorority sisters were at her trial about what she did and what they discovered.

Emile is now 25-years-old and has a lot of time left to spend behind bars given her life sentence. However, she is planning to appeal it.