This Woman Evicted Her Brother For Telling Her Now Ex-Fiancé She Cheated On Him And She Wants The Internet To Tell Her If That Was Too Harsh

Reddit user broken_inside_me recently shared a pretty shocking story about her brother and now ex-fiancé.

She ended up evicting her brother from her house for telling her significant other that she cheated on him, and then wanted the internet to tell her if what she did was too harsh.

“For reference, my brother Connor is 19, I am 26, and my (now ex) fiancé Hunter is 28,” she started her post with.

“Also for reference, already mentioned in the title, but my brother was kicked out when he was 16 because our parents snooped through his phone and found out he was gay.”

“Connor had a birthday last weekend, so he invited his friends over and they were all (18-22-year-olds) drinking and playing games.”

“Hunter and I were about to head out to let them have the place to themselves when Connor asked if we wanted to join them.”

“I initially refused (a bit too old to be playing drinking games), but he insisted and Hunter thought it’d be fun to act like college students again.”

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