When These 3 “Unappreciative Kids” Refused To Go On A Mini Vacation With Their Parents, They Took Their Modem Instead

Unappreciative kids are a hot internet topic this week!

We already took a look at how one mom handled her ungrateful daughter throwing a pencil case she bought her in the trash, and now we’re going to look at how these parents decided to handle a lack of appreciation from their own 3 kids.

Cassie Langan and her husband Chris have 4 children that they were planning on taking along with them for a little mini vacation.

The family had wanted to go to Warrnambool, Australia, which is well known for its good food and beautiful beaches.

“We asked our kids if they would like to go on a day trip to Warrnambool today and were met with the response ‘that’s so boring, I don’t want to go’,” Cassie said on Facebook.

“Chris and I decided that instead of taking 3 unappreciative kids out, we let the ones who didn’t want to go stay home and took our most overworked family member for a well deserved day out….. our modem.”

Facebook; pictured above the family modem enjoys some lunch

“Modem had a fantastic day not being used by the kids and it was lovely not to listen to constant bickering.”

“The only complaining was Evan being mortified that we took our modem out in public.”

Facebook; pictured above the family modem has some fun on the beach

Cassie went on to share a bunch of hysterical photos of her modem enjoying a good time on their day trip!

If Cassie’s kids weren’t bored actually before she took the modem, I bet they sure were after she left home with it instead of them!

Facebook; pictured above the family modem clowns around

You can check out Cassie’s original Facebook post here. What do you think of how Cassie and her husband handled the reaction from their kids?

Let me know in the comments below!

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