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When This Dad Went On Vacation And Told His Daughter To Feed The Fox, She Thought He Was Joking

Amy MacMillan lives in East Kilbride, Scotland.

When her dad went on vacation (or holiday as they call it over in the UK) and told her to make sure to feed the fox, at first she thought he was joking…

…Or that he had gone mad!

But when Amy showed up at his house, she realized he had taped up instructions for her on how to feed the wild fox that comes around.

This lucky fox eats pretty well if you take a look at his little menu!

Twitter; pictured above is the fox’s menu, along with this dad’s instructions on feeding him

Amy’s dad gives this fox two meals each day. The fox gets supper and dinner.

For dinner, the fox enjoys either chicken drumsticks or chicken.

For supper, the fox gets to have dog chew sticks and biscuits, too!

This is one spoiled little woodland creature.

Amy got her dad an adorable fox keychain to take with him on vacation, in case he ended up missing his interesting friend back home, and he clipped it right on his backpack and sent her a photo.

Twitter; Amy’s dad is pictured above with his fox keychain she got him

Definitely one cute story, but before you go feeding your own fox friends, it’s important to note that they can be the source of a few nuisances.

Foxes do on occasion dig up beds of flowers or through garbage cans and feed on small dogs, chickens, or other animals.

So if you have your own tiny animals, it’s probably not a good idea to invite a fox around!

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