You Can Thank Twitter For These Weird Dating Stories That Are Absolute Must-Reads

This guy got pushed down a hill at the end of his date.

“She wanted to walk to the bars near where I lived because it was nice out — by the end of the night we were both pretty drunk & it was now a half snow half sleet snow storm but she insisted on walking back to my place anyways.”

“Long story short I woke up at the bottom of a hill near my apartment with TWO sprained ankles, phone dead and had to crawl up the hill ..wet and freezing and walk home.”

“Texted her later that day after overcoming my hypothermia “wth happened last night?” She replied sorry for pushing you down the hill I got scared.”

This girl’s date quickly turned into a third wheel situation.

“He brought his ex with him on the date then later told me she didn’t like my personality LOL.”

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