Young Artist Charges Her Sister 3k After Child Ruins A Piece, Then Asks The Internet To Weigh In On What She Did

CattFen is a Reddit user who recently had something pretty upsetting happen to her and her hard work.

She is a young artist and her sister’s son destroyed one of her pieces. So, she charged her big time for it and then asked the internet to weigh in on what she did.

“Backstory, I’m 26 and a fairly successful artist. My sister, “Lucy” (24) and her child “Ethan” (9) were at my house during a late New Years celebration,” She began her post.

“I had a sign posted on my art studio saying “DO NOT ENTER” and specifically made it clear to all guests that nobody was to enter that room.”

“I’d also like to note that all my guests were asked to leave their kids at home as this was for ADULTS but ‘Lucy’ couldn’t do that because she couldn’t find a sitter. Anyway.”

“Note: I also set up my boyfriend’s PS4 for him to play on so he wouldn’t be bored.”

“It’s 10 pm, and I hear a loud crash from my studio, I run up and see paint all over my recent work that so far had taken 15 hours to do.”

“Ethan sat there laughing, rubbing paint into my work, it’s now unsalvageable and I have to restart the work, as it was a specific request from a client.”

“Which also puts me behind for the rest of my work now!!”

“I immediately asked Ethan and Lucy to leave, and the next day I sent her a bill for the work. £2500 (which is LOWER than I would’ve gotten for the work anyway).”

As of right now, £2500 is equivalent to $3,249.70, by the way for any readers who are wondering.

“She’s absolutely screaming about it, the whole family is divided. My mom hates me, my dad completely agrees with me.”

“Surprise, my dad is an artist, my mum is more ‘smart smart’. My sister’s husband agrees with me.”

“I will admittedly say, I don’t enjoy kids. Or their company.”

“But I’ve always been a great auntie, presents at Christmas, gifts from vacation, everything he’s wanted.

One user replied back to her with, “That’s really inconsiderate. Not to mention he is NINE. Not a toddler. That age is well into the stage where you know right from wrong.”

Another person added, “Rubbing paint in and laughing about it? That doesn’t sound like normal behavior at all for a 9-year-old. He should be sophisticated enough to not go in a cause a problem in the first place, but at least should have been remorseful about what he did (or tried to pretend it wasn’t him!).”

You can read the original post here. What do you think? Was this young artist justified in what she did?

Let me know how you would handle this in the comments below.

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