36-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer Wants To Travel With Her BF Instead Of Get Chemo, Asks The Internet If She’s Wrong Or Her Family Is Over How They Reacted

Well, this one really ripped my heart out and it’s most likely going to do the same to you, so prepare yourself before reading further.

Maybe I’m just extra sensitive after losing a very good and very young friend of mine recently to cancer, but this is one of the saddest and most heartbreaking posts I have ever come across.

Reddit user CancersGotMeNow shared with the internet that she’s 36-years-old and has terminal cancer.

She wants to spend the rest of the short time she has left traveling the world with her boyfriend instead of staying home and getting chemo.

Now, she’s asking the internet if she’s wrong or her family is over how they reacted to her decision.

“There is no way to sugar coat this so I’m just going to come right out and say it. I (36f) am dying,” she started her post by saying.

“It’s stage 3 pancreatic cancer meaning that it has spread beyond the pancreas my prognosis is 6 – 11 months.”

“Don’t cry for me, ok? I’ve accepted this, I’ve made my peace with the fact life is fleeting a long time ago.”

“I mean our only guarantees in life are death and paying taxes. No one is getting out alive. Sorry for the dark humor there what can I say I’m twisted.”

“I’ve decided that I want to spend what little time I have left seeing the world. Experiencing as much life as I can before it’s all gone.”

“I want to blow the bank ie all my savings that are left after I’ve arranged and paid for my funeral expenses.”

“I’m making arrangements to make sure no matter where I take my last breath my body will make it home so my loved ones can grieve for me.”

“To me, funerals are for the living it won’t matter to me personally I’ll be gone. I have another ulterior motive though besides this.”

“I don’t want my family to remember me sick and wasting away.”

“Here is my dilemma though, my family and most of my friends want me to stay home so they can share these last days with me.”

“They also want me to go through chemotherapy because they firmly believe it will extend my life or I will possibly beat the odds.”

“They think I’m an AH for not even being willing to try and wanting to be elsewhere.”

“Basically in their minds, I’m stealing the ability for them to say goodbye.”

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