After Aborting Her Cheating Ex-Husband’s Baby, She’s Pregnant With Her New BF’s Baby And Plans To Keep It, But Wants The Internet To Weigh In

A woman recently hopped on the internet seeking help after she aborted her cheating ex-husband’s baby and got pregnant with her new boyfriend’s baby.

The thing is, she plans to keep the baby she is having with her current boyfriend and is struggling with her emotions.

Here’s the whole story, below.

“This is not the first time I have posted here. Around 2 months ago I separated from my ex-husband,” she started her post out with.

“We have a child together. She’s not my biological child (she was born to my ex-husband and his mistress who passed away when she was a baby), but I’m committed to being in her life.”

“I tried to hold on to the relationship, but it became clear that even after 6 years I couldn’t get over his infidelity.”

“In the meanwhile, I got pregnant and I guess me getting pregnant made me realize that I didn’t really want to be married to him or have his child.”

“I contemplated about getting an abortion and passing it off as a miscarriage but ended up telling him the truth after I got the abortion.”

“I moved out 2 months ago and we are officially going through the divorce.”

“He was a mess and I felt bad about hurting him but I realized that there was no future in our marriage.”

“We have both started dating other people. As far as I know, he is doing better and dating other people. I’m happy for him.”

“About a month ago I started dating an old friend.”

“We wanted to take things slow and wanted to keep it casual, but I guess fate had other plans.”

“I found out I was pregnant two days ago. I freaked out, told my boyfriend and was terrified about his reaction. His reaction shocked me.”

“He said that he has always been in love with me and wanted a family with me. I was happy when I found out.”

“I feel like the universe gave me another chance I didn’t deserve.”

“The next day, as planned, I met up with my ex to discuss co-parenting and our divorce.”

“He had ordered my favorite wine (after years, it was strange). While discussing he noticed that I wasn’t touching my drink and asked me why I wasn’t drinking.”

“I made an excuse about not feeling well. He then straight up asked me if I was pregnant.”

“I was shocked and didn’t know what to tell him. I figured there was no point in lying at this point, so I said yes.”

“He asked me if I was going to keep the baby.”

“I felt uncomfortable with the question and replied in the affirmative.”

“He then started asking me questions about the father and said that I was a terrible person for keeping a baby with a random loser and not my own husband.”

“After he said that, I stormed out of the restaurant.”

“By the end of the conversation, he had tears in his eyes and I felt guilty.”

Here’s what the internet has to say, plus an update from her.

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