After Aborting Her Cheating Ex-Husband’s Baby, She’s Pregnant With Her New BF’s Baby And Plans To Keep It, But Wants The Internet To Weigh In

One person replied to her with, “It was a f*cked up situation for everyone involved, and only because of his actions.”

“And I can’t believe there’s even a discussion about should she or shouldn’t she have aborted his baby.”

“She doesn’t owe him sh*t. And what’s happening in her life right now and who she’s having babies with is none of his f*cking business.”

Someone else weighed in with, “I don’t know, I don’t see anything wrong.”

“She left a relationship she didn’t feel comfortable in. She didn’t want to be bound to the man because of a child.”

“While in the current situation she’s rather likely to end up as a single parent, she still seems to find it preferable than having her ex’s baby.”

“Of course this is painful for him to realize that, but this alone doesn’t make her an a**hole.”

Another user said, “She’s allowed to leave her cheating husband that clearly didn’t do enough to solidify things after the intense infidelity he put her through.”

“She’s allowed to be with someone else. And should pregnancy occur she’s entitled to carry to term.”

“She is now independent, and with someone who hasn’t shown her he’s a cheater (yet but maybe never). The situation she would be bringing this child into is already so much better than what she faced last time.”

People on the internet also had a lot to say about her ex.

One person added this about her now ex-husband, “He’s calling the boyfriend a loser but the ex-husband literally cheated and had a kid with his mistress.”

“Like damn dude, he needs some self-reflection there.”

Another added about her ex, “Uh, he cheated on her. If he expected her to be thrilled about having his baby, he’s ignorant.”

“That’s what happens when you decide to stay with someone after cheating on them.”

“You can’t blame them for how they respond in their hurt (unless they try to murder you or key your car).”

“He should’ve absolutely seen it coming.”

This woman also shared several updates to her post. 

“My ex actually went into a depressive episode after I told him about my abortion,” she said in her first update.

“He told me that he is still taking meds. He really wanted the baby.”

“I’m feeling really guilty.”

“Went to a clinic today and found out it was a false positive. I’m not pregnant,” she shared in her second update.

“My boyfriend is sad but thinks it’s for the best. Honestly, I think I’m relieved.”

“I definitely see a future with my boyfriend and want a family with him, but maybe now is not the right time.”

“Apparently, it can happen because some of the meds I was taking.”

“Makes sense, we were being careful so the pregnancy was a shock. In hindsight, I still would have kept it had I been really pregnant.”

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