Billie Eilish Says The Internet Has Ruined Her Life

Billie Eilish recently sat down to do an interview with Louise Minchin from BBC Breakfast and her brother Finneas O’Connell.

The interview itself lasted about 15 minutes, but we learned a lot in that short time, including the fact that Billie admits the internet has ruined her life.

At first, Billie said she has stopped reading comments left on her Instagram account.

“It was ruining my life,” Billie said about social media. “Once again.”

“The cooler the things you get to do, the more people hate you. It’s crazy,” she admitted.

Louise asked her what she does about that and what she can do to make it better.

“The internet is a bunch of trolls,” Billie replied.

“Everyone is much braver behind the cellphone screen,” Billie’s brother Finneas weighed in with.

“I think you might see someone like a famous celebrity and you may think, ‘Sticks and stones, nothing I say is going to be potent to them… but it’s all very equal online,” Finneas went on to say.

Instagram; Billie is pictured above

Louise added that it didn’t matter how many Grammys Billie has now, things that people say on social media still can hurt.

“It’s like way worse than it’s ever been right now.…” Billie said about how the comments have gotten meaner.

“I mean, it’s insane that I even have been reading comments up until this point.”

“I should have stopped long ago,” Billie went on to say about reading the comments on her account.

“It’s just the problem that I’ve always wanted to stay in touch with the fans and, like, keep talking to them, and people have ruined that for me.”

“And for them. They’ve ruined it for them, and that sucks. I still try to like fans’ posts or whatever.”

“The internet is ruining my life, so I turned it off.”

You can watch the whole interview, below.

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