CEO Explains Why It’s So Important To Build A Culture Around Honesty And The Internet Is Applauding Him

Honesty is everything. I’m sure if you stop to think about what your favorite traits in a person are, honesty tops the list.

When it comes down to corporate culture, honesty is again one of those things that really sets a company apart.

Daniel Abrahams is the CEO of Hustlr Agency, and he just explained in a LinkedIn post why it’s so important to build a culture around honesty.

“I left the office at 1 pm. In the morning, I told my team I’d be leaving early,” Daniel started his post by saying.

“I didn’t say I had a client meeting or a doctor’s appointment. I told them the truth.”

“I was going to watch my daughter receive an award at her school assembly. Why?”

“Because I’m human. I’m not trying to impress people how hard I work. I prefer to build an open and transparent culture.”

“As a leader, it starts with me. No one should hide their personal life at work, or apologize for it.”

“Do you need to pick the kids up from school? Go for it.”

“Need to be home to accept a delivery of your new couch? Awesome. Text me a picture.”

“We’re all human. Let’s be real about our lives.”

“As long as we:

– Get the work done

– Deliver what we say

– Keep growing our clients’ businesses

Let’s be authentic with each other on the journey. What do you think?”

The internet is applauding him for his fresh perspective on company culture, and here’s what a few people had to say in response to his post.

Darlene Herrell said, “Love this. We need more leaders like you. I agree. I’m 56 and my children are grown, and I missed so much of their childhood both on hours and even after hours due to my job.”

“Because I was a single mom, scared of losing my job, I had a work ethic like no other. The harder I worked and the more I delivered, the more responsibility I got. Leave work early?”

“Well, in the early years, that was not even an option. I remember one time being told, “Your children will understand when they get older, they will not remember you missed a soccer game, but they will remember if you don’t feed them”. I look back and this just breaks my heart.”

“I would NEVER say that to anyone..especially to someone who busts their butt for me. I will never be able to get those times back, but I can help other people not miss theirs.”

“I protect my personal time today and support those who struggle and are in fear because those bosses are still around. I am so glad you left at 1. Do it again. These are the moments they will remember.”

Deborah Cameron said, “As a leader, I always trusted my team’s judgment. If they said they had to leave early I never asked why.”

“They all gave their best every day so I knew it must be something that was important to them for them to want to leave early or come in late.”

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