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CNN Reporter Made Some Mean Remarks Regarding The Winning Westminster Poodle And The Internet Is Heated

Just a few days ago, the 144th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was held right at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Siba, a black Standard Poodle, took home the coveted title of Best In Show, beating out more than 3,00 other dogs…

…But not everybody was happy about it.

Crowdgoers at the Garden chanted for Daniel the Golden Retriever to win, who was a favorite among many.

One person who seemed particularly salty about Siba’s win was a CNN reporter named John Berman.

He took to the air to air some pretty mean remarks regarding the winning Westminster poodle, and the internet is heated about it.

What’s sad to me that a reporter is supposed to bring the people facts and news…and what John had to say was just not it.

Instead, he opted to go on a very hateful and ill-informed rant.

John sat there and berated Westminster and all dog shows as “elitist,” “gross,” and an “outrage.”

He also called Siba an, “inbred and elitist poodle” and “an unhappy creature.”

John also vehemently attacked the way she was groomed, which is part of the poodle’s history in the sporting world.

I’m happy to see people on the internet take a stand against John, and even the AKC had something to say to him.

“Hey, John! We’d be more than happy to educate you on the benefits of purpose-bred dogs — from heroic bomb-sniffing German Shepherd Dogs and Diabetic Alert Dachshunds to Poodles like Siba that represent dedication to responsible preservation breeding,” the AKC tweeted to him and CNN.

They followed it up with a pretty good burn to him, “We also noticed you tweeted out some data from 2015.”

“Perhaps you need more updated research. Find detailed and updated studies here (they included a link).”

One Twitter user replied to John with, “Good job taking a 30-second fluff piece about a happy subject and inserting some bullsh*t tirade so you could have all the spotlight.”

“You have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Someone else said, “Why so hateful?”

“Many people appreciate preservation breeders w/ lifetime commitment, known health history, genetic screening, health guarantees & contracts resulting in predictability of form, abilities &temperament.”

“Their commitment as breeders means they’ll never be in shelters.”

Another user Tweeted back, “Hey John, just watched you disrespect Siba, the BIS Standard Poodle.”

“The cut is historic. Poodles were originally water retrievers and the cut kept their joints from freezing in the waters in Germany.”

“Maybe learn something about the breed before you talk smack.”

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