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Doorbell Cam Captures Toddler Hugging Pizza Delivery Man Who Unexpectedly Lost His Own Daughter

Lindsey Sheely is a mom living in Rhode Island who ordered pizza for her family one Saturday night.

She never expected such a normal weekend activity to have such an impact.

A man named Ryan Catterson delivered the pizza to their door, and as he went to leave, Lindsey’s 2-year-old son Cohen went running after him.

Ryan stopped at the end of their porch as Cohen reached up to give him a big hug.

It turns out, Ryan unexpectedly lost his 16-year-old daughter quite recently, and Cohen’s hug meant the world to him.

Lindsey shared the touching video captured by her doorbell camera on Facebook, along with this:

“Last night when we got our pizza (and ranch) delivered, Cohen ran out to hug the delivery guy and tried to give him a kiss, too!”

“We thought it was so sweet and funny, then realized that our doorbell might have caught the interaction on camera, and it did!!”

Facebook; pictured above Cohen hugs Ryan

“I hope it gives you a laugh and warms your heart like it did for us.”

“Even better, is that I posted this to my IG stories last night and somehow, it found it’s way to the man who delivered our pizza!”

“Thank you, Ryan, for being so sweet with our little guy!”

“Update: little did we know what Cohen’s hug to this stranger would mean.”

“Someone showed Ryan the video I posted to my IG, so he messaged me, and I found him on FB so he could share the video.”

“Through this, we found out that Ryan unexpectedly lost his daughter recently, and that hug from Cohen was a little blessing from God.”

“I believe in divine appointments and know that Ryan was the one to deliver our pizza for a reason.”

“If you feel inclined, please consider donating to his GoFundMe to help with funeral costs. My heart is so heavy for this family.”

“Anything to help lighten the burden, I know, will be greatly appreciated.”

You can donate to Ryan’s GoFundMe here.

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