Her Company Is Sexist, So She Started To Dress Like An Ugly Librarian To Combat It And Now Wants The Internet To Give Her Advice

There’s nothing worse than dealing with terrible company culture…and sadly some companies are very old boys’ club or not inclusive of women.

This young woman recently asked the internet about how to handle her situation, and her company is sexist.

So, she started to dress like an ugly librarian in order to combat that and isn’t quite sure what to do at this point.

Here’s the whole scoop, below.

“I’m a 23-year-old woman at a company with a pretty…old-timey culture,” she starts her post out by saying.

“Even though it’s a programming job, where we are not customer-facing, we have a “business casual” dress code.”

“It’s also got a really f*cking sexist culture, I’ve lost patience with off-color jokes and a lotttt of comments on my looks.”

“I started out trying to dress nice, fitted tailored slacks, fashionable blouses, hair done, nice low heels or flats.”

“I was always modest.”

“And I got sooo sick of people saying sh*t about my body, my ass, even just the “you look reaaally nice today” that guys would never say to each other.”

“So I started naturally tending towards my frumpier things.”

“And when I went shopping I tended towards looser fitting stuff.”

“Slacks with wide square legs that were loose in the butt and would hide my butt and legs. Several sizes above my usual size.”

“Long cardigans that were big and warm but not fitted. Frumpy-a** loafers.”

“I also cut off most of my hair and got some big tortoiseshell glasses that I’ve been wearing rather than contacts.”

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