High-Schooler Refused To Take A Disabled Girl To The Prom And It’s Stirring Up The Internet

Prom season has turned into a full-blown event, with elaborate proposals that sometimes turn pretty public.

A high-schooler refused to take a disabled girl to prom after she asked him, and it’s stirring up the internet for sure.

“Alright, so today was quite traumatic for me. I’m a high school senior (18M) and promposal season is currently in full swing,” he started out his post by saying.

“I was in my AP chem class when suddenly an entourage of people entered my classroom with a disabled girl (she has cerebral palsy) that I know.”

“I first saw the posters and the bouquet of flowers she was holding and thought, “aww that’s sweet of her.” Then they revealed the posters and I read my name and was completely taken aback.”

“I literally almost had a f*cking anxiety attack.”

“I didn’t know what to say at all and the entire class was cheering and people even started filming.”

“I was straight-up frozen for a minute and I could feel myself burning up with embarrassment.”

“Of course, I wanted to say no, but since it was so public and everyone was waiting for me to say yes, I did and hugged her.”

“Everyone clapped including the teacher and I was mortified.”

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