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It Took 9 Hours To Get This Poor Tar-Coated Dog Free, And Here’s What He Looks Like Now

What you are about to read is absolutely heartbreaking, but there is a happy ending!

A dog in Argentina was found by a bunch of kids completely coated in tar, so they quickly ran to get help.

A non-profit animal rescue organization called Proyecto 4 Patas recently shared the harrowing tale on Facebook.

Here’s the whole scoop, below.

Facebook; pictured above is the poor tar-coated dog

“Aloe, as we call it, fell (or threw it) in a pit of Brea in a wasteland of freedom, Merlo. Thanks to the barking of other dogs, some children who were in the area found it completely immobilized,” Proyecto 4 Patas started their post on Facebook.

“His parents called the “volunteer firefighters of freedom” who took it out of the well and asked for help on Facebook so that some protector will come to help him.”

“We immediately go out to get it.”

“We found a heartbreaking scene: “Aloe” was literally petrified and glued to the ground. 100 % of his body was hardened: His mouth, his eyes, his ears, everything.”

Facebook; Aloe is pictured above in tar as they worked to get him out of his scary predicament

“We were very shocked, we had never been in front of an animal is these conditions, but it was time to focus and put all our will and love to get it out of that nightmare.”

“The first attention we gave it in the field with the neighbors who brought the first oil bottles, but we had to move it to a safe place.”

“We were already informed about how to proceed, we were waiting for hours and night hours of a work that would be exhausting and without rest.”

“We summon volunteers, we organize in teams, buy liters and liters of oil and for 9 hours uninterrupted we were cleaning the Brea.”

Facebook; Aloe is pictured above on what looks to be a vet’s examination table

“Every layer we were able to remove was closer to discover it as it really was and the emotion grew.”

“And here is Aloe, today is the day of his second birth, because there are no doubts that he was born again.”

And this is what Aloe looks like after being all cleaned up and rescued!

Facebook; Aloe looks like one happy boy, above, after being rescued

9 hours uninterrupted nights, 50 liters of oil, 3 bathrooms with detergent, 8 volunteers, neighbors, Firefighters.”

“When the will exists there are a thousand resources.”

You can see the original Facebook post here.

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