Man Asks The Internet If He’s A Jerk For Not Being Part Of His Son’s Life, Even Thought It Was Decided Before His Birth

This is definitely an interesting situation: a man asked the internet if he’s a jerk because he’s not a part of his son’s life.

Here’s the thing though…that was decided upon before his son was even born.

“So about 5 years ago, I (m27) have been f*ck buddies for a couple of months with a young woman (f26) during exchange semesters,” he stared out his post by saying.

“We mutually agreed that while we liked each other, we didn’t love each other and we were not going into a relationship, but would rather be having some fun together and that’s it.”

“Well, despite both of us using protection, she somehow got pregnant.”

“I didn’t want the kid, but she did.”

“I argued none of us was in a financially stable position, we were not in a relationship, I can’t see us both co-parenting since we’re from different continents, etc.”

“She said she does understand and all those are good arguments but she simply does want to keep the kid and that’s it.”

“We argued back and forth for a while but in the end it’s her decision and she kept the child.”

“We were never fighting, never yelling, just arguing.”

“She eventually told me that I am free to walk away if I want to – she’ll raise the kid alone and she won’t ever ask me for anything.”

“I still didn’t like the idea and would have preferred abortion, but I won’t be the one ultimately deciding.”

“So I walked away.”

“The semester was soon to be over anyway and I moved back to my home country thousands of kilometers away.”

“We never heard from each other again.”

“That is, up until a few weeks ago when I received a couple of text messages from her about how both her and the boy are doing well along with some photos of them.”

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