Mom Goes Viral For Her Parenting Style After Making Her Son Do Pushups In A Public Bathroom

These days, there are a lot of parents whose parenting style involves not putting many boundaries on their children or failing to do something about their bad behavior.

One mom is now going viral for her parenting style, and it’s anything but that.

She made her son do pushups in a public bathroom after he wouldn’t stop back-talking her, and many moms on the internet are now applauding her for what she did.

A mom named Molly Wooden walked into the bathroom of a Hobby Lobby in Killeen, Texas, and what she saw right before her eyes she just had to document.

Another mom named Nicki Harper Quinn was also in the bathroom with her two sons, and while she held one under her arm, she instructed her older one to start doing pushups.

Yup, right there on the bathroom floor.

Molly took a photo, and she then posted it to Facebook, along with the following:

Facebook; pictured above is the parenting moment Molly captured

“To the woman in the Hobby Lobby bathroom. If my hands weren’t full of children I would have applauded you.”

“As your son gave you the back talk of the century, you stayed calm and collected while adding 10 more push-ups to his already growing number.”

“We need more parents like you, who aren’t afraid to parent their own children because of what someone else might think.”

“He said “Mama, this is the bathroom floor, grossssss”.”

“She said “maybe you shouldn’t have been acting obnoxious. (They have soap for a reason.) 10 more.”

“Random woman of Hobby Lobby, I love you. Keep on raisin’ them boys right!”

“I have since found the Mom through the power of social media and she promptly thanked me for posting this, says she appreciates the support and positive comments, and we’re hoping to grab coffee sometime… while supervising push-ups that is.”

One mom commented on Molly’s post with, “You go mom. Too many kids controlling parents.”

“Me and mine would have gotten beat down and then the police called.”

“Too many parents trying to be their kids best friend. That’s ok to a point, but draw the line.”

Another person added, “Great job momma!”

“All those who gave the angry or sad emojis are exactly what is wrong with the world today.”

“We need more parents like this lady!”

Someone else weighed in with, “People always have something negative to say about how someone else raises their children.”

“It’s funny that these same people allow their children to curse at them, hit them and disrespect other people.”

“Kids need discipline, PERIOD!”

You can see Molly’s original post here. What do you think?

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