Mom Of 3 Burned Alive With Kids After Abusive Ex Stalked Them And Set Car On Fire

31-year-old Hannah Clarke was a mom of three living in Brisbane, Australia.

She had three young children; 6-year-old Aaliyah, 4-year-old Laianah, and 3-year-old Trey.

Hannah had been married to a former pro rugby player, 42-year-old Rowan Baxter, and the two even opened a gym together.

But, she left him back in December after saying he abused her throughout the 11 years they had been together.

This mom of three confided in a friend that her husband was sexually, financially, and emotionally abusive towards her, and she finally was able to leave him.

Sadly, Hannah would only enjoy a few months of freedom with her children before their lives would all be tragically ended by Rowan.

Facebook; Rowan, Hannah, and their three children are pictured above together

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