Mom Of 4 Refuses To Go To Ex’s Double Family Funeral, Goes On A Trip Instead, Now Needs Internet’s Help About Her Decision

A mom of four recently hopped online to share her story and ask the internet for help with her decision.

Her ex-husband cheated on her with someone way younger, and now he’s with her.

He has since had two tragic losses in his family and is having a double family funeral, but wanted her to attend.

Instead, she went on a trip and isn’t sure if she made the right choice.

Here’s the whole scoop, below.

“My [41F] ex-husband [42M] had an affair with a much younger woman [23F] who had a young child [5F] at the time,” she started her post out by saying.

“I divorced him and he got together officially with her. We also have 4 children together [20 M&F], 19F and 18M.”

“Unfortunately my ex-husband’s stepson passed away a few days ago after a struggle with some kind of cancer.”

“Maybe due to the stress of it all, his girlfriend was rushed to the hospital and delivered a stillborn, I still don’t know the entire details of what has happened.”

“I feel bad for my ex-husband but I want nothing to do with him.”

“I had planned this trip forever and partially to distract myself from empty nest syndrome since my son has recently moved out.”

“I have not spoken to my ex-husband since the divorce and I don’t want to hear anything about him or have anything to do with him, especially since now my children are grown.”

“I only found out about this through the grapevine but I have not reached out to him.”

“My ex-husband however reached out to me to invite me to the tragic double funeral.”

“I feel this is highly inappropriate. There is absolutely no way that his woman would want me there.”

“Who on earth would want the ex-wife of the marriage you wrecked standing beside her 4 grown children while you buried two of your own?”

“If I was in her shoes and I would turn violent if she saw me. I’d be the last person on earth she’d want to see.”

“And also, as callous as it sounds, I stopped caring about the man the moment he cheated on me.”

“I never want to stay friends, I never reached out to him when he lost his grandfather and I don’t want to be there for him now.”

“If he doesn’t have any other support networks, I’m not going to get sucked into what is going to become drama from his family and hers in case people think I want him back or I’m taking advantage of him while I’m vulnerable.”

“So I told him I wasn’t going to come to respect his girlfriend and her grief and he was trying to tell me she wanted me to come but I am not stupid enough to believe that.”

“He also got upset because none of our kids went to the funeral.”

“I never told them not to but they live in different parts of the country now and either couldn’t come or didn’t try very hard to go.”

“I did try to tell them they should go since it’s their step and half-siblings but they felt uncomfortable going there.”

“So I went on my trip as planned.”

“Somehow the photos of my trip on my Facebook have made it into his hands even though I have him and his family and friends blocked.”

“He has now been blowing up my phone until I blocked him about how unfeeling and cruel I am to go on a holiday and that I poison our kids against him which is why they didn’t come to the funeral.”

“I understand that he is grieving which is why I have blocked him,” she finished her post with, but wanted to know if she’s wrong for,  “not forcing my children to go to the funeral and for continuing on with my holiday?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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