Mom Sadly Learned About Her 11-Year-Old Son’s Strange Death Through Social Media And It’s Still A Mystery

Roman Lopez was an 11-year-old boy living in California. After his biological parents split up, his dad Jordan Piper fought to get full custody of him.

Roman’s mom Rochelle Lopez (who goes by “Shelly”) was deployed in Iraq, where she sustained certain injuries.

After she came home, she ended up getting addicted to pills to help cope with her physical pain, and this is how she ended up losing custody of Roman.

According to Shelly, Jordan took Roman and moved with him a lot in order to prevent her from being able to see him at all.

Shelly hasn’t actually seen Roman in several years.

And then she found out about her son’s strange death through social media.

Placerville Police Department; Roman is pictured above in a plaid shirt

“The Placerville Police Department was contacted on January 11, 2020, regarding a missing 11-year-old juvenile, Roman Lopez,” Placerville Police Department said in a statement.

“After an extensive search of the area, involving multiple agencies and many community members, Roman was found deceased.”

“As many are aware, we have been conducting an investigation into a suspicious death.”

Placerville Police Department; Roman smiles in the photo above

“As part of this investigation, the Placerville Police Department has been working with other law enforcement agencies to conduct a thorough investigation into the tragic circumstances.”

“The other agencies include the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department, El Dorado County Search and Rescue, El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office, Sacramento County Coroner’s Office, and the Sierra Law Enforcement Chaplaincy.”

“The support and prospective offered by all these agencies has been invaluable and beneficial to the investigation.”

“The limited information provided to the public has been essential to this case because of the circumstances. There is very sensitive information that if released, could jeopardize the investigation.”

“Placerville Police Department continues to investigate this case as a suspicious death investigation even after the autopsy was completed on January 14, 2020.”

“We do not have the pathologist’s report and will not be providing any further information in reference to the autopsy. We do not anticipate that report for another 4-6 weeks.”

“Through the investigation, we have learned that Lindsey and Jordan Piper recently moved to California from Michigan.”

“Jordan Piper, the biological father of Roman, moved the family for a better job opportunity. Lindsey is not the biological mother of Roman.”

“We have identified the biological parents of all the children involved in this investigation. There were 8 children living with Lindsey and Jordan at the time of this incident. ”

“We have their information and will be in contact with them at different stages of the investigation.”

“We realize there is a considerable amount of speculation surrounding this case.”

“We will continue to provide updates as the case unfolds that will not jeopardize the integrity of the investigation.”

“I don’t know what happened to him,” Shelly said to KOVR.

“I don’t know if he was in pain. And I don’t know if he was missing me or what was going on.”

“We realize that the press and public are looking for answers and mourning the loss of Roman,” the Placerville Police Department went on to say.

“The police department has also been affected and has been working tirelessly to complete the investigation. The complexity of this case will require time and patience.”

If you have any information on this case, please call Detective Luke Gadow at (530) 642-5210 extension 116.