Mom Shares Her Terrible Yet Hysterical Valentine Fail With The Internet And Everyone Is In Tears Over It

Ah, Valentine’s Day.

I’ll be you didn’t get a valentine close to what this mom Abbey Busch accidentally bought for her daughter’s entire kindergarten class!

It’s terrible yet hysterical and it’s sure to have you in tears.

Abbey had to be out of town and wanted to make sure that she had everything in order for her kids so they could have a great Valentine’s Day.

She even made sure that they had a valentine for everyone in their class, but she never stopped to read what the ones she got for her daughter Ella actually said…

…Until it was too late and every kid in her class already got one!

I mean, they looked adorable and innocent enough with little plastic animals attached to them, but it turns out they’re not quite kid-friendly.

People on the internet couldn’t help but wonder if the company that created them used a bad translator because the sayings on them were so bizarre.

“I can’t stop laughing: I’m about to go out of town for a few days & I was just trying to make sure I had everything prepared to leave behind for Vday,” Abby started her post out on Facebook by saying.

“Stuff for the kids, all their class Valentines labeled, etc…”

Facebook; pictured above is one of the crazy Valentine’s this mom accidentally sent to her daughter’s classmates

“Last week I found some on Amazon that came with little plastic animals, showed the Valentines to Ella, & she loved them.”

“I ordered, they came, she put them together…done.”

Facebook; another one of the crazy cards is pictured above

“I admittedly never sat down to read the captions, until now.”

“They are creepy & MAKE NO SENSE.”

“She’s already labeled the backs & is so excited, & made sure each classmate got the “right” animal.”

Facebook; pictured above is another one of the weird Valentine’s cards

“Keep in mind these are going out to a bunch of Kindergartners.”

I wonder what all the kindergarteners and their parents thought of these Valentine’s Day gifts.

Facebook; yet another of the strange cards is pictured above and I can’t stop laughing

You can see Abbey’s original post here. How funny is this?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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