Mom Wants The Internet To Tell Her If She’s The Worst For Not Letting Her Sister Babysit Because She Lives In A Polyamory ‘Love House’

Well, this is definitely a unique situation.

A mom recently took to the internet to ask if she’s the worst for not letting her sister babysit her toddler daughter.

Here’s the catch: her sister lives in a polyamory “love house” and it makes this mom uncomfortable to have her daughter there.

“Ok I’ll try to explain this as best as I could but apologies if I get some things wrong,” this mom started out her post by saying.

“I have a 4-year-old daughter who lives with me and my husband. My sister (33) lives with her husband.”

“We’re in the same city about 40 min apart.”

“I’ve been paying my sister to look after our daughter in the mornings and early afternoons as my sister is currently out of work.”

“She’s been coming to our house, but recently asked if my husband can just drop daughter off at her place when he goes to work.”

“This way she could stay at home and not have to drive.”

“I’m very hesitant.”

“First of all my sister and brother in law live in a special block of apartments that is like a membership club for people interested in polyamory.”

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