Mom’s 4-Year-Old Horrifyingly Swept Out To Sea After Vacation Walk On The Beach

What you’re about to read is a complete nightmare, and something I never stopped to consider in the realm of possibility.

A mom from New Hampshire who has not been named was walking on the beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Kitty Hawk is a beachfront town and popular tourist destination on the Outer Banks and this mom and son were there for vacation.

This mom had her 4-year-old son (who has also not been publicly named) walking alongside her down the beach.

All of a sudden, a very strong wave hit the beach and engulfed the 4-year-old child, ripping him away from his mom.

He was carried out to sea in the blink of an eye, as his mom stood there right beside him.

It all happened to fast, she was completely helpless and unable to stop it all from happening or intervene.

The current carried the little boy along and eventually, he completely disappeared from his mom’s sight, into the water.

The Kitty Hawk Police Department posted a statement on Facebook about the tragedy:

“A tragic accident occurred today in Kitty Hawk.”

“Under the watchful eye of the attending parents while walking along the shore, a four-year-old boy was swept from his mother into the ocean and carried away by the current.”

“As parents, this is our worst nightmare, even for those of us who love and have grown up by the ocean.”

“Please join us in thought and prayer for this family as we mourn with them the loss and give thanks for the well-being of our own children.”

The Coast Guard sent out boats and helicopters to comb the area, but they couldn’t find any sign of the boy after searching over 130 miles that day.

Several days after the 4-year-old had vanished, his body was recovered, according to authorities.

This tragic tale is an important reminder to be very careful anytime your children are near the water.

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