Mom’s Daughter Is Abusing Her Disabled Brother So She’s Kicking Her Out And Wants The Internet’s Help

Buckle up for this story today, because it’s probably going to make you angry and sad all at the same time.

This mom’s daughter is abusing her disabled brother, so she’s kicking her out of the house.

Now, she wants the internet’s help, and after you read this your heart is really going to go out to this mom.

“So I have a 16-year-old daughter that I share with my ex-husband who I share a good co-parent relationship with,” this mom started her post out by saying.

“My 16-year-old daughter lives with me full time because her dad lives in a different school district and she didn’t want to leave that school, and prefers our neighborhood and just area in general.”

“My younger brother also lives with us.”

“He has Down Syndrome, which comes with a few other issues and can’t really live on his own and when our parents died 3 years ago he moved in with me.”

“Lately my daughter has been posting videos on her account on the app TikTok of her making fun of my brother.”

“She’ll record him struggling to read out loud, or just doing other things he has issues doing.”

“It’s a pretty popular account with 10,000 followers.”

“I found it and took her phone away, and she said “Why does it matter if I record that r slur?” and has started being really mean to him, and ignoring everything I say.”

“I tried putting her in therapy so she could talk to someone else maybe she feels jealous of him, but nothing has worked.”

“I was speaking to her dad and he brought up her living with him to get her away, and changing the routine around.”

“So last week I told her she was going to go live with her dad and stepmom, and the visitation would switch around.”

“She freaked out and screamed about all the reasons she hated his house and told me I was choosing her over her, calling him another slur.”

“I posted about this issue in a Down syndrome support group and got attacked for shipping my daughter off and got called a terrible mother.”

This poor mom ended her post by wondering if she’s wrong for, “for essentially choosing my brother’s happiness over my teenage daughter?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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