Mom’s Daughter Is Abusing Her Disabled Brother So She’s Kicking Her Out And Wants The Internet’s Help

One user replied to this mom with, “Her behavior is absolutely unacceptable, and there is no way that she should be posting videos of your brother online.”

“If her moving away to live with her father is the only way that this can get into her head, then so be it.”

Another user replied, “I don’t know much about Tik Tok or how good the content moderation is, but if possible, please report those videos she posted or get others to report them.”

Someone else said, “Mom has considered this and got daughter into counseling and it hasn’t helped.”

“She can’t continue to put her brother in a situation where he is being abused and bullied if she has honestly tried to fix this behavior from daughter.”

“Daughter has somewhere else she can safely go in the meantime where she will be well cared for, the same likely can’t be said for the brother. The mom here is obviously doing her best to do right by everyone who depends on her.”

“Edit to add that I also grew up taking care of a disabled aunt and I would be the first to defend the daughter if it seemed like a genuine cry for help that wasn’t being addressed properly by the parents but the parents changing living situations is literally them trying to address it when counseling didn’t work.”

“They didn’t send her off to foster care or something drastic.”

Another person who mentioned they are disabled shared this, “I don’t think it’s an excuse, just an explanation. I’m disabled.”

“Growing up I almost died more than once. I got all my parent’s attention.”

“I have a younger brother and it definitely made him resent me when we were kids. He acted out.”

“Not in the same offensive way but he still did it for the attention. My parents got him therapy, he resisted.”

“It’s really hard growing up with a family member who is sick or disabled.”

“I felt really bad for my brother. Eventually, things got better and he’s doing great now but he struggled for years.”

“We all did as a family. If that’s what is going on here it would make sense.”

“It doesn’t make it ok though.”

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