Mom Has The Internet In Tears With A Text From Her Neighbor Saying “Your Kid Is Naked in Your Window”

Well, they say kids say the darndest things…but they do the darndest things too!

This mom got a pretty surprising text from her neighbor one day about what her 2-year-old was up to, and it was no good!

Jeni Boysen is a married mom of two living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Facebook; pictured above is mom Jeni Boysen

When her 2-year-old son Dax was sitting in front of the TV watching Peppa Pig, she thought it would be the perfect time to hop in the shower.

He was happy and occupied, so this mom totally had a few moments to herself, right?

What could possibly go wrong if she was just stepping into the shower?

Uh, I guess you could say a lot. A lot could go hysterically wrong with Jeni taking her eyes off of Dax for only a few short moments.

Oh, and boy did things take a strange and humorous turn.

Even though it seemed Dax was having a nice time with his TV show, that got old real quick for him.

He decided to get up, take off every single article of clothing he had on, and run free around the house.

But he didn’t stop there.

Dax then managed to climb up on the windowsill, get behind the blinds, and stand there. Naked.

For the neighborhood to see.

One of Jeni’s neighbors did spot him up there and captured the ridiculous moment on camera.

“Your kid is naked in your window,” the neighbor texted Jeni, alongside a photo of him standing up there having a good time.

“Not to send you a photo,” the neighbor went on to say.

“But I looked up when I got home and there he was.”

Facebook; pictured above is the text and photo from Jeni’s neighbor

“Ya know. Sometimes you think you’re doing okay at life and then you get a message like this from a neighbor,” Jeni posted on Facebook.

“I just cried I laughed so hard.”

“This is exactly the laughter I needed tonight.”

Well, I think this is the laughter we all needed today!

What’s the craziest, funniest thing your toddler has ever done?

Let me know in the comments below!

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