PurLite UV-C Sanitizer Box Review: You’re Going To Need This Handy Gadget For Sick Season

Sick season is pretty much in full swing and you can never do enough to keep germs at bay and your health a top priority.

Hand sanitizing the crap out of yourself only gets you so far, and we already have discussed how your phone is basically a germ factory. What more can you actually do?

Get yourself a PurLite UV-C Sanitizer Box.

It’s definitely one handy gadget that will help you not fall victim to the latest illnesses floating around, and you’re definitely going to want to get one.

After getting to test drive the PurLite, let’s chat about why this is one of my new favorite things!

PurLite doesn’t run on any chemicals: it runs on light.

Utilizing UV-C light specifically in their patented process, PurLite effectively eliminates 99.9% of germs that are hiding in plain sight on things like your phone, keys, garage opener, sunglasses, wallet, toothbrush, and even your child’s toys. Ew.

It removes germs from every surface of your items, given that they have a unique design that disinfects 360 degrees around everything.

Got to love a deep clean.

I mean, you can’t really wash things like your phone or wallet like you can your hands, and yet, all the germs you touch and carry around with you are on them.

Bet you didn’t stop to think about that!

I apologize in advance for dropping that bit of knowledge on you, and I’m about to go into some more disgusting details you need to know, so buckle up.

PurLite tested their awesome product in hospitals first, and they even had two universities and an independent lab test their results.

Here’s what they found.

It only takes 30 seconds in the PurLite for one of your household items to shed pretty much all the bacteria they carry around, like Salmonella, skin and intestinal bacteria, E-coli, and MRSA.

It also eradicates serious viruses such as Swine Flu, Influenza Type A, Rotavirus, Avian Flu, Adenovirus, Rhinovirus, and Norovirus.

Yeah, I didn’t realize we are all hosting this disgusting stuff on our personal items, but it makes sense.

PurLite is not only functional, but it’s also pretty beautiful too and looks great sitting on your counter, where you are definitely going to want it to live so you can easily access it.

All you do is hit the load button and the PurLite opens right up so you can drop your personal effects right in.

Close the lid, turn it on, and it only takes seconds to wipe away all the things that could seriously impact your health.

When the PurLite is finished, you hit the unload button, it pops right open, and you take your stuff out. So easy, right?

You can buy one for yourself here. It’s a small price to invest in your health!

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