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She Just Inherited A Little Over 4 Million Dollars, Now Her Boyfriend Thinks She Should Pay For Everything And She’s Sending Out An SOS To The Internet

So this is definitely an interesting situation.

A woman recently inherited just over $4 million dollars, but her boyfriend thinks she should pay for everything since she’s pretty much wealthy.

Now, she’s sending out an SOS to the internet to ask about what to do and how to handle her predicament.

“My grandpa passed away a few months ago and I inherited a little over $4 million from his estate,” she started out her post by saying.

“I had no idea he had that much money and was honestly not expecting to receive anything, as I assumed it would all go to my mom.”

“After I got over the initial shock, I took the opportunity to finally quit my job (which I really hated), as I don’t have any outstanding debts and can easily live off of $40,000 a year.”

“I’m pretty introverted and am more than happy to stay at home working on art/music/other interests and gaming.”

“Ever since I inherited the money, my boyfriend has been pressuring me to cover all of the rent and utilities (about $1200 a month) for our apartment and start putting money away into a joint savings fund.”

“I would be happy to do this if we were married, but we’re not.”

“We’ve only been dating for a year and a half, and I would prefer to keep our finances separate.”

“Despite not working anymore, I still pay my half of the rent every month and have started paying for a housekeeper to come in and clean a few times a week, so our apartment is nearly always spotless and looks great.”

“I told my boyfriend he isn’t entitled to my money and he said I was being selfish for expecting him to still contribute to the rent when I could easily afford to pay for the whole thing.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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