This Mom Is Pregnant With Triplets, Wants To Reduce Her Pregnancy, And Needs The Internet’s Help To Handle Her Delicate Situation

“But I feel like it is easy for him to be excited about it when he is not the one who will have to be pregnant with 3 babies…”

“…He is not the one who will have to stop working for 5 years until they are in full-time school, he is not the one who will be doing the vast majority of childcare duties and day-to-day wrangling of the babies, not the one who will have to feed three babies, etc, etc, etc.”

“I also know from talking to the doctors that 3 babies will be born early and there are risks with health for them there and the chances of carrying to 36 weeks are stronger.”

“I’d rather have a healthy baby than 3 with health problems.”

“AITA if I am to selectively reduced and let him believe we lost two of the babies (which is common) naturally?”

“EDIT: The reason I want to tell him it was a miscarriage is fear he will retaliate by telling my super religious (Catholic) parents who will never speak to me again and will withdraw the help they give us with our daughter now.”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

One user said to this mom, “This is above Reddit’s paygrade. Go to a therapist, talk to your doctor.”


Another said, “These were naturally conceived triplets and you believe that he wants them.”

“You have a right to insist on selective reduction, but you would be a creepy coward to lie to him about it.”

Someone else who added, “I agree with that you need to speak with your husband, but there are also other factors at play.”

“I am currently pregnant with twins, I was initially having triplets but ultimately lost one (honestly thank god).”

“How far along are you? The odds of 3 babies making it past 12-13 weeks is while likely, not extremely high, so I would hate for you to reduce, wanting one baby and wind up with none.”

“But I completely understand where you’re coming from, triplet and even twin pregnancies are EXTREMELY complicated.”

“I have been in for appointments AT LEAST 1-3 times a week for the duration of my pregnancy, with one emergency trip to Seattle due to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.”

“If they are identical triplets, this carries an even greater risk than just twins.”

“I don’t blame you one little bit for wanting to reduce.”

“I would have your husband look up the dangers of this pregnancy if he is so adamant about wanting you to carry it.”

“I have been MISERABLE for 32 weeks, and honestly every day am so thankful that one of the babies didn’t make it.”

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