Young Widowed Woman Abandons Her Fiancé’s Family After His Death, Asks The Internet If She Made The Right Call

A young widowed woman abandoned her fiancé’s family after his death, and now she’s asking the internet if she made the right call.

Here’s the whole scoop for you so you can decide.

“I know the title sounds bad, but please hear me out,” she started out her post by saying.

“My (28F) fiance (27M atod) of six years died 2.5 years ago in a car accident.”

“It was absolutely devastating and the worst thing I’ve ever been through. I have never felt pain like it, and truly don’t think it’s possible to feel pain like it again.”

“It’s like I lost part of my soul.”

“I spent 2 years walking around like a zombie. I’ve only recently started really recovering.”

“I keep trying with them because I know they’re suffering too, but being around them is making me miserable.”

“Even before his death, my in-laws were selfish and overbearing.”

“They’d constantly make plans and decisions for me if I couldn’t make or simply didn’t want to do those plans they’d throw giant ass tantrums and call me selfish.”

“They made me miss my aunt’s funeral, my mother’s 50th birthday party, my graduation, every single time because they wanted to go out or booked a vacation without my knowledge.”

“If I tried to say I’d made other plans they’d get nasty. His sister would make snide remarks about my appearance or how I do my makeup.”

“His dad would make bigoted comments that made me extremely uncomfortable, or mock my accent, and they refused to let me plan my own wedding.”

“I ended up with a dress I hated because they said every dress I loved made me look ugly.”

“We live over 4 hours away, so visiting them was already taxing, so throwing in their personalities on top made visiting them all the less appealing.”

“When my fiance died I tried to support them as much as possible, and looked over their flaws.”

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