Your Fav Disney Princesses Have Turned To A Life Of Crime, And You Can Buy Their Mugshots For $15

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Your favorite Disney princesses have built their reputations on being kind and positive and amazing, right? Well, everything you thought you knew about your favorite heroines is about to be turned upside down!

What would happen if your favorite Disney princesses turned to a life of crime?

J. Shari Ewing is one talented artist who has re-imagined the princesses you thought you knew so well in a criminal lineup. The best part is, you can buy their mugshots for just $15 each on Etsy! J. Shari Ewing says on her Etsy profile, “It’s all fun and games til someone gets arrested.”

“Celebrities have them… civilians have them… MUGSHOTS. I don’t know what it is about Googling mugshots but it’s captivating! What if our favorite childhood princesses had mugshots and they popped up while you were frolicking around the interwebs? I feel it would look a little something like this.”

“Each Giclee print is printed on archival textured watercolor paper, complete with hard backing to prevent bending and wrapped in cellophane for extra protection! Just like the holding cell in the Land of Fantasy’s police station.”


Princess Mugshots Jasmine image 0

Jasmine has entered a whole new world with her life of crime. She’s been arrested for petty theft and evading the cops!

You can buy Jasmine’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Belle image 0

I wonder if the Beast can come to bail her out? Belle has been arrested for breaking and entering, trespassing, and bestiality!

You can buy Belle’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Pocahontas image 0

I wonder if Pocahontas can paint her way out of jail with all the colors of the wind…Anyway, her mugshot is brought to you by treason and accomplice to murder.

You can buy Pocahontas’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Cinderella image 0

Cinderella has landed herself behind bars for cavorting with rodents, larceny, evading the royal guards, and fraudulent misrepresentation. Oh, boy. Someone call Prince Charming!

You can buy Cinderella’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Rapunzel image 0

Rapunzel is in for quite a list of offenses! Assault, bribery, destruction of property, horse theft, and false imprisonment are what got her arrested.

You can buy Rapunzel’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Ariel image 0

Ariel, what would Flounder and Sebastian have to say?! I wonder how long it will take her to be released back under the sea after being in for fraudulent misrepresentation, surface trespassing, and black magic transaction?

You can buy Ariel’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Moana image 0

Moana seems quite stunned to have landed behind bars. She’s facing charges for boat theft, trespassing, and bribery.

You can buy Moana’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Mulan image 0

Mulan doesn’t look sorry at all for the charges against her. She’s in for assault, larceny, fraudulent misrepresentation, and abduction.

You can buy Mulan’s mugshot here for $15!

Snow White

Princess Mugshots Snow White image 0

Snow White seems truly sorry for what she did! She’s in trouble for breaking and entering, in addition to trespassing.

You can buy Snow White’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Anna image 0

Anna is in for trespassing! I wonder if the courts will let it go?

You can buy Snow Anna’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Elsa image 0

Elsa is in for assault and attempted murder! Her charges are much more serious than what her sister is in for.

You can buy Elsa’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Sleeping Beauty Aurora image 0

Aurora is in for an interesting charge: spinning wheel harassment! I love that she’s wearing her pink gown in one mugshot and her blue one in the other. Something tells me she won’t be quite a sleeping beauty in prison.

You can buy Aurora’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Merida image 0

I hope Merida proves brave in jail…she’s going to need it! By the way, she’s in for destruction of property, deceit, and illegal dark magic transaction.

You can buy Merida’s mugshot here for $15!


Princess Mugshots Tiana image 0

Tiana looks pretty nonchalant about her charges! She’s behind bars for animal abuse, trespassing, and assault.

You can buy Tiana’s mugshot here for $15!

More of your favorite Disney characters have been arrested! Click the image below to check out their mugshots.

Villain Mugshots Scar image 0