5 Things You Need To Spice Up Your At-Home Workouts That Are Easy To Order Online

Working out from the comfort of your own home doesn’t have to be so dismal. I found 5 things to spice up my at-home workouts, and they’re easy to order online!

Let’s get right to what these products are and why I like them so much. I think you’re going to like them too!

Pink Buddha Life Luxe Yoga Mat

Yoga mats can be so…unexciting. Pink Buddha Life makes mats that come in a bunch of exciting prints!

Plus, they are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and American made. The one pictured below is the Ella Elephant mat.

They cost $48, come with free shipping, and you can check out their whole line here.


Alright, so Bandits don’t quite work for a workout exactly in your home, but if you’re planning on getting outside, going on a hike, or walking around the block, they’re a perfect solution.

Bandits are tiny little pockets that are the perfect size to fit your house key, a ring, or other small essentials.

They slip right over your wrist, just like a hairband, and they stay out of the way while you’re on the go. The one pictured below is the Dayz Original Bandit.

Each one starts at $25 and you can check out their whole line here.

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