6-Month-Old Suffers Neck And Spinal Damage, Then Dies After Teenage Father Forced Him Into Bouncer Seat

Adrien Decker almost made it to 7-months-old when his precious young life was interrupted.

Authorities are now saying Adrien’s own dad is the reason this poor little boy died, and here’s what happened just a few days ago.

It was the morning of Monday, March 9th, in Newark, Ohio. 18-year-old Michael Decker, Adrien’s dad, had gotten up earlier than Adrien’s mom (who has not yet been named).

Michael spent anywhere from one hour to several hours with Adrien, and then at 9:30, Adrien’s mom noticed he was not breathing.

Adrien’s mom later told police that she did see Michael pick up Adrien at some point that morning, and he yelled at the 6-month-old.

He then, “roughly put the infant into a bouncing seat to the point that the baby hit his head,” according to the criminal complaint.

Afterward, police say that Adrien did stop crying almost immediately, and Michael and Adrien’s mom fell back asleep.

GoFundMe; 6-month-old Adrien smiles in the photo above

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