6-Month-Old Suffers Neck And Spinal Damage, Then Dies After Teenage Father Forced Him Into Bouncer Seat

After Adrien’s mom realized her son was not breathing, he was rushed to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

When he arrived, the hospital staff noticed that Adrien had swelling in his brain.

That was hardly the only injury this little boy had.

GoFundMe; Adrien is pictured above with wings and a halo

“After multiple tests and scans, it showed baby Adrien, unfortunately, suffered,” it says on the GoFundMe page created for Adrien’s family and run by Allison Cotton.

“He had retinal hemorrhaging in his brain, as well as damage to his spine in his neck, and fractured ribs.”

“Despite best efforts, Adrien Decker passed away Thursday, March 12th at 6:30 am surrounded by family and no longer in pain,” it goes on to say on the page.

“Adrien became a hero through the lifeline of Ohio and was able to save another child through organ donation.”

Adrien’s liver, heart, and kidneys were donated to save the lives of children in need.

Police photo; pictured above is Michael Decker in his mugshot 

When questioned by investigators, Michael didn’t try to contradict what Adrien’s mom had already told authorities.

He did go on to tell them that he wasn’t trying to deliberately injure Adrien that morning, while he also admitted that he has been rough with Adrien.

Michael has been arrested and is currently behind bars at Licking County Justice Center. His bond has been set at $250,000 and he has been charged with second-degree felony of child endangerment, but a grand jury will be reviewing his case to see if the charges should be upgraded.

GoFundMe; Adrien’s footprint and handprints are pictured above

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