A Museum Security Guard Double Duty’s As A Social Media Manager And It’s The Twitter Account Everyone Should Be Following

Tim then got right down to giving us all a tour of some of the pretty cool things in the museum’s collection.

“This is the hat and eyepatch the Duke wore in the movie True Grit,” Tim shared in his second tweet.

“They are part of our Exhibition about the 2 True Grit. Lots of interesting props and clothes. I’m told I can’t try it on. Hashtag John Wayne. Lucas, my grandson, told me to use hashtags. Thanks, Tim.”

Twitter; pictured above is Tim’s second tweet

And we also got to watch as Tim learned to expertly navigate his new world of social media. He’s totally getting the hang of it all!

Tim also shared with us John Wayne’s boots! “And these are his boots. Hashtag John Wayne. Thanks, Tim.”

We then moved on to Dorothea Lange. “We have a very cool photography exhibition right now called Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing that runs through May 20, 2020,” Tim tweeted.

“Her photographs are very moving. That is a photo of her. She looks like someone I’d want to have a beer with. Thanks, Tim.”

Tim then stopped to see if his grandson could read this. We’re still not sure who his grandson Lucas is, but people on Twitter are trying to find him!

“This is one of her photos of people lined up at a social security office in San Francisco trying to get unemployment benefits in 1937,” Tim shared.

“It was a tough time then. And it looks like it’s going to be a tough time now. But we get through these times together, don’t we? Thanks, Tim.”

Tim then went on to share a photo of a selfie station, before thinking maybe he should take one too there!

“Didn’t get the Selfie Station photo quite right. I get it now. Here’s the Selfie Station in the Warhol and the West running through May 10, 2020. Thanks, Tim.”

Tim truly is a national treasure. When quarantine’s over, I’m taking a trip to the museum just so I can meet Tim!

You can follow Tim and the museum on Twitter here!

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